April 03, 2012

The Naughty Bunny Quest

The vendors in the hunt are invited to donate prizes to the Grand Prize, which will be given to one winner only. The draw for the grand prize will be a few days after the hunt ends.

These are the prizes we have so far and the list will be updated.

Cash Prize: L$10.000
Diamond Edt Bed of winners choice: L$6999

MiChiGaNs ShAcK
Tropical Fantasies Themed Skybox.
Beach themed skybox sphere, like a little oasis, with over 500 animations built in,
somewhere to kick back, realx & be a naughty bunny after all that hunting

[nn] -Designs
Giftcard L$750

+Blue Blood+Kirsten (the fatpack)
Leather and satin bodice with optional burlesque skirt, garters and gloves.
L$1500 (L$300x5)


Thorns & Petals
Body Jewels, diamonds in gold: A set of body piercings for nipples, belly and clit
Draped in Daisies: Body covering flowers in 4 attachments.
(This will be sent out by Whiz Wonder)
MoDesignImplant of Punishment
The MoDesign Implant of Punishment is based on the MoDesign Bane Helmet
It is for people that love the total control of punishment the MoDesign Bane helmets give,
but without the need of wearing a helmet.
You can also use your own helmet as bane helmet and use the MoDesign Bane intelligence.

Grim Death Co A Suite system: L$550
+ 200 linden voucher

Kabuki Creations Sweet Lovers Bath:
a sweet bathtub with 18 couples animations
 + sensual adults animations: L$ 618
The Crossing Conqueror Bath/Shower Combo
with 452 animations and color change menu: L$ 2500

Z&A Productions The winner can pick any five items of their choice from our main store.
Value: Between L$250 and L$1495, depending on choices.
X-Clusives Animations A fabulous shopping spree
Value: L$ 50.000
Chywe's Pirate Raft
Slow sailing pirate raft with space for six,
 to strike terror in the hearts of sailors on the high seas.
Value L$ 149
GEL Bondage: Bondage Classroom *RLV*
 A full jam role play set includes. Chalkboard, lockers, Teacher and students desk. all scripted.
Value: L$ 1250

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