March 30, 2012

Naughty Bunny Hunt - Hints and gifts

Hints and pictures of the gifts are posted here as soon as we receive them, and we will also use this post to publish workarounds if they are needed. 

As usual, we are not posting SLURLS to the stores, because this defeats the purpose of the hunt: To move around, discover new places and have fun. The average quality of the participants in the Whiz hunts is very high, and you shouldn't miss any of them.

Please join our inworld hunt group for updated info and hunt help.

Find hint in the Whiz HQ

2 Kabuki
Feels like a King (Upper floor, in the nawty room)

3 Z&A Productions
We grow our carrots near the greenhouse

4 The Crossing
Look near water

5 *GEL* Bondage.
 1 of 2. I'll tell you what you can do with that carrot!
2 of 2. Outside, look around.

6 PDN's Potpourri
That naughty bunny loves the Nice & Naughty blankets

7 Graffitiwear
Carrots grow best in the garden

8 Sweet Sin
The evil diva likes carrots

9 :WetCat::
"Gotta Love Sweet Things"

10 Rozamyndi's
Well I was planning to stay close to my kind, but I want to stay fresh ;)

Hint: The rabbit likes to use the computer.

12 Treasures of the Thassa
Would you look at that! That Naughty bunny has been skinny dipping already.

13 Innovation Corp
It's the biggest sculpted prim in the store!!!

14 MoDesign
Have a look next to a place where you find something to lock up your feet.

15 naked flower
Walk along a wall.


This carrot is worn "Hippy style"

17 bacidalucia
far far away where leather meet laces

18 Loordes of London
HInt giver and paths in store

19 Clarity Creations
Locate the brown dress in the shop

HInt giver in store

21 Chywe's - The Whole Shebang
-- Bunnies! First they're not there, then they are! It's magic!

22 Latex Station
Its very waxy here I wonder if some candles melted

Hint: The blue Elephant loves it! <3

24 Xclusives Animations
For this hunt 'Naughty Bunny'
May be your mantra
But for your gift, in HOME FURNISHINGS
You must seek TANTRA
25 Tienda de Textura
Store has moved.. please use:
 I am one HOT bunny

26 Props N Poses
Hint giver in store

27 Lyrieal's
I thought Penguin's perfered fish


29 Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
Carrots are a big hit

30 Razorblade Jacket


32 X Latex 
Find the pink corset you will find the carrot 

33 Piddler's Perch
 Naughty Bunny left behind a treat outdoors where goodness grows out of the dirt.

34 Fashion 4 flirts
Look for sexy sheer cat suit with flowers in black 

35 LooP
You will land in the sewer, far from the shop. Use the teleporter on the wall to go to Loop,
then walk upstairs to find the carrot that is guarded by Rudolf.

36 Pulchritude
"Cyber Dolls tend to linger around modern sculptures."

37 Grim Death Co
Use hint giver in store

38 εïз Butterflies™ εïз
Do naughty bunnies taste good too?

39 reliquia
"That's Not a Mouse. It's a Carrot!"

You should always look behind things to find everything there is to find

41 Electric
Sits and watches till midnight...

42 FIN *Relive the fifties*
Naughty Bunny loves Carrot IceCream

43 20.FIVE
Hint giver located at entrance of shop

44 [ZeeBee] Fashion
Dont need to pay a lot to get nice clothes :)

Everyone loves a blindfolded girl!

46 [NN] -Designs
 Well ....the naughty bunny of course lost his carrot while leering at the pretty girls in their cages"

47 PeKaS Design
look around the plants at the store

48 Envyme Mainstore
* Days With Hard Work. I think i forget my carriot in a large stand.

49 -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-
Oooohh dear, you've been hurt

50 Michigan's Shack
 Click the hint giver to the right of the landing point

¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! Put on your sombrero

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