January 15, 2011

The Whiz Quest Reminder!

Remember to do the quest for the Whiz Grand Prize! One winner will be rewarded with gifts and cash worth over 60.000 L$.  More than fifty thousand Linden Dollars worth of gifts and 11 thousand L$ in cash can be yours and yours alone.

To enter the quest, you must

1. Answer all questions in the quest notecard correctly.
The answers can be found in the hunt gifts, our blog, in the participating stores and/or the creators'    profiles.

2. Subscribe  and stay subscribed to The Whiz list until the winner is declared in February 2010.   The subscriber is placed here 

3. Rename this notecard with your name like this: THE WHIZ QUEST <Your name here>
Only correct notecards with names that are found in the Whiz list will be entered in the draw.

4. Drop the renamed notecard (remember to save it first!!!) in Whiz Wonder's mailbox in the HQ

If you haven't registered for the Grand Prize quest yet, you can pick up a notecard by clicking the Whiz list poster in our HQ and display room in Roscana: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Roscana/39/197/21

Never Ever

Owner: Rhana Sands
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Echo/155/236/22

Grand Prize

Sweet Romance Furniture

Owner: LaDonna Upshaw
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/South%20Sea%20Isle/139/232/25

Grand prize

January 13, 2011

Featured: Yes Oui Si Fashion

Yes Oui Si Fashion
Owner: Acheta Ansar

Yes Oui Si Fashion can be found on The Whiz' home SIM Roscana and is the first stop in The Whiz.
This colourful store has something for everyone.

Seasonal items and a lucky letter board behind the counter.

Original hair for men and women made by Acheta Ansar herself.

These cowboy (or cowgirl) boots are available in several colours.
You will get a pair as a hunt gift from Yes Oui Si!

Yes Oui Si also has clothing for men!
Check it out!

January 10, 2011

Love My Textures

Owner: Mandi Blanco
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Renegades/162/183/38

Grand Prize

Hunt Gift

January 07, 2011

Joyus Living

furniture and home decor, garden items 
 Owner: Joyus Sohl


Grand Prize
Allegro Grand Piano beautifully carved piano with playing animation and EIGHT classical tunes.

Hunt gift

Featured: Just In The Nick Of Time

Just In The Nick OF Time

 Just In The Nick Of Time is the place to go of you need seasonal items and wonderful poses
with props. When Whiz visited it was stuffed with Christmas joy and winter items.

This romantic gazebo was in the yard outside the store

A winter campfire with poses

Strike a pose by a street lamp

Warming items for cold days.

Joys of Christmas

Featured: Eternal Blessings

Eternal Blessings
Eternal Blessings, owned by Harkon Benoir, sells original and very affordable jewelry,
furniture, candles, decorations and seasonal items.

Hunt gift for The Whiz
 The gift in The Whiz is a wonderful necklace in female and male versions.
This is magical.

Group Gift for December
 Make sure you join the group and get the group gift.
This christmas teaset was the December gift and it also had a hoop earring for men.

Jewelry section
 All the jewelry in this store is very original and won't empty your wallet at all.

 Eternal Blessings also sell rustic furniture and the Grand Prize gift is also a wonderful set of furniture.

 Go upstairs and find charming decor items.


January 06, 2011

Style By Kira

    Skins, Shapes, Clothes, Hair, Odds and Ends

Owner: Kira Paderborn

Grand Prize
Fatpack of skins chosen by the winner for themselves and for a friend

Hunt Gift
Paula Skin for The Whiz

January 05, 2011

CL Designs

Owner: Candice Laval
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Roscana/122/154/24/?title=CL%20Designs%20-%20Sexy%20Skins%20and%20Shapes

Grand Prize
Peach Skin All makeup
Hunt Gift

ArtiZan Creative Solutions

Scripted gadgets (business, communication)
Owner: Zanara Zenovka

Grand Prize
Postmaster - Online Deliver Mail Server
Hunt Gift
Backup Box (Inventory management(

January 04, 2011

Yes Oui Si

Fashion, hair, accessories
Owner: Acheta Ansar

Grand Prize
Acheata Fatpack Black and Brown

Grand Prize
Mike's Hair 1 Black

Grand Prize
Mike's Hair 2 Black

Grand Prize
Unisex Blonde Rasta Hair

Hunt Gift

January 03, 2011

Aster's Builts

Wedding Invitations, Chapels, Reception Halls, Cakes, Gifts, Gowns
Owner: Aster Orchicz

Grand Prize
Hunt Gift


January 02, 2011

Kabuki Creations

Grand Prize
Pose and Animations - Couple cuddles pose
 Owner: Naku Nishi
Hunt Gift

January 01, 2011