December 11, 2011

Applications are now closed

We have 100 wonderful vendors and a waiting list.
If you applied and didn't get a vendor pack, you are not in The WHIZ this time.

The WHIZ picks vendors carefully and visits every single store to pick up other hunt items and we also look back on previous hunts. If you were not ready in time for the walkthroughs etc.. that may be the reason you are not accepted as a vendor this time.

We will come back soon with a complete list of vendors and all vendors will get a new sign to put up and soon a hunt item to place next to it.

See you all soon :)

November 29, 2011

Whiz hunting outfits

Now available FREE in the WHIZ Headquarter..

2 catsuits (purple and black) with mathing flats and animated umbrella and an invisible flying attachment.

Unisex Tee and black jeans.
Black tees with glammy decor in gold, silver, red, green, blue, red and purple.

Come over and pick them up :)

November 25, 2011


While we are waiting for the Glam Hunt path to take shape, Whiz took a trip down memory lane and found all the signs, items and paths for the previous hunt.


It all started one year ago, when we set up the first WHIZ Hunt in December 2010.

The WHIZ - A Magical Hunt
The theme was Magic, focusing on the magic of christmas and the new year.
We had about 50 vendors and the hunt item was a wand.
Sadly some of the images/logos in this list are gone, but this is the list of vendors:


The next hunt took place in April-May 2011.
The WHIZ - A Magical Spring Hunt
The theme was Spring and the hunt item was a flower. Purple for the PG and Mature locations and red for the Adult location.
We had about 100 vendors in the hunt.
This is the hint list from the Spring hunt:


After a small delay the next hunt was ready to start in October 2011

The WHIZ - A Whizical Coffee Hunt
The theme was coffee, our favorite thing to drink. Since it was a short hunt (2 weeks) we only accepted 50 vendors. The hunt item was a cup.
Vendor list from the Coffee Hunt:

You can find more history about The WHIZ if you look back in this blog.
And we hope you will join us for the next hunt.. starting Jauary 5th 2012.
The theme is Glam and we are already got lots of vendor applications for it.

November 19, 2011

The Whiz - A Whizical Glam Hunt

Vendors can now apply for The Whiz - A Whizical Glam Hunt
The hunt will run from January 5th - 31st and the theme is glam. 

To apply, copy the following into a new notecard and fill in the blanks
Rename it: WGH - Storename - Your name
Send it to Whiz Wonder.


Store name:

Owner name (no display names):

Second contact (no display names):


What do you sell:

Full perm logo: 

Application deadline: December 10th

November 18, 2011


The winner of the Grand Prize is:

Plunderbunny Resident
The vendors have been informed and will send the prizes directly

Update: Plunderbunny has now reported that she got her prizes from our Grand Prize vendors.

And the winner of the photo contest and L$2500 is:

Whisper Despres
This time we were lucky to have the winner with us :)

Winner picture by Whisper Depres


November 16, 2011

The Grand Prize Draw

The grand prize draw (for the Whiz Quest) will be Friday November 18th at 2 PM SLT.
Landmark and more info will be sent out as soon as we have found the perfect spot.

We will also announce the winner of the photo contest.

There might be some nice gifts for the ones who show up :)

November 08, 2011

The Whiz Photo Contest Entries

These are the entries for The Whiz Photo Contest.

Whisper Despres

Solata Resident

Melina Hepburn

The Whiz Quest - These are in the draw

boiphany Nyn
Syunsaku Warbaum
Demonshea Silvera
Crimson Dagger
JIhan Wonder
TigerLily Soulstar
Ace Azov
Solata Resident
Blackfire Eternal
KenjiTakoda Resident
Kadiya Erin
Dr Wurgle
Azure Twine
Elfenn Resident
Kii Kira
Natalia Memo
Isisnile Resident
Kai Demen
Enigma Zemenis
Quincy Pawpad
caribbean1 Resident
Ladybog Mhia
Xia Nyoki
Queen Blackrain
Rosamoo Mendelsohn
Silent Sparrowhawk
Akasha Latzo
Mason Skodlow
Aquene Clarity
Lady Radikal
Joann Hax
Xenia Sirenz
Willow Wilder
Drake Kroitschov
Sheridan Kelberwitz
Laverne Laloix
melinahepburn Resident
June Forsythe
Plunderbunny Resident
Emelia Airy
Lucie Sharpesworth
Daisy Avium
Demi Aftermath
Cookie Foehammer
knitfiddlestix Resident
Sushi Phenomena
Xander Vectoscope
Bertrand Baroque
Xwa Resident
Faye Isodo
Xui Resident
Itoe Resident
Lee1016 Resident
Quetzalxochitl Resident

October 17, 2011

Hints and notices

The Whiz - A Whizical Coffee Hunt is over

The Whiz Quest

We are currently setting up The Whiz Quest and the Grand prize.
Hopefully we will be ready around October 20th, so stay in the group or follow the blog for news.

The Grand Prize will be:

Cash prize from PRIME: L$ 10.000
Diamond edition bed from PRIME (Value L$6999)

And these gifts from our vendors (they are still coming in)

RT Designs
RT Grand Piano - black

This beautiful Grand Piano will make a welcome addition to any decor. It's only 9 prims for the piano itself, 4 prims for the piano bench, and the entire thing is completely functional! The bench has a piano playing animation, and the piano itself, if you click on it, brings up a menu, giving you your choice of 4 different songs as well as volume controls. The rose on top of the piano? It's from your long lost lover. Add your own story here to make the experience complete!

Shameless Bits & Treasures of the Thassa
::MV:: African Overtones Dining Set

Rich elegant colors and the smells of exotic food, pull you to a land full of mystery and intrigue. Taking a seat around the large table, your eyes feast on the fabrics and the deep hypnotizing tones of the wood that surround you. Sittng back with wine in hand, you realize in that moment that you can now have a little piece of this enriching experience right in the comfort of your own home. 9 Sit Poses in each chair

Grafittiwear Natural Purple
Top, belted capris with sculpted bottoms, boots, earrings, necklace & bracelet.

Xclusives Animations
25,000L shopping spree in store.

Good for all products in the store.  Purchase prices only, not sale prices.

Twice Baked
Plant textures spider lily set 38

Full perm plant textures

"Air" Meditation Gazebo

A beautiful addition to your land or home - this meditation gazebo features curtains that open and close on touch; two meditation cushions each with two animated sits; sounds that are on/off with touch and a center bench with three animated sits. It's the perfect place to sit and chat, meditate or to simply stare out at the beauty that is our pixel world. Bring a touch of relaxation to your SL!
Madville Textures
 Inlaid Wood Textures 01
Pack of textures
TS Studios
Fearless Love

A themed photograph

Miniboat Fatpack

The fun and fast miniboat - and a fatpack to let you enjoy it with friends
Textures by Dax
500 linden gift card

Can be used in texture or clothes shop
Elegant Creations
Table and Floor Lamps-Victorian Gold Pattern

A pair or matching lamps, one table and one floor lamp in bright gold with stained glass shades.  Click for on/off light.
 Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Haunted Black Forest* Special Edition

Artwork and Cabinet

Aphrodite Megastore
Romantic Breakfast for two
Spectacular romantic breakfast to share, rezzes poseballs for feeding each other,
cuddles and kisses too! More than 10 drinks and 8 eating props
Evolving Pixels
Tea House
Tea House, open on 3 sides, includes: tatami mat,  lacquer table, kneeling cushions,
ikebana arrangement, 2 stone lanterns, green pottery tea set (gives steaming cup of tea)
Distinctive city dress
This is a dress in miniskirt and a jacket that is inspired on the fashion designer Chanel.

The Whiz Quest - Attention vendors!

First of all. We are not asking you to donate money or sponsor anything. But we do ask you to help us by offering ONE of your greatest products as part of the grand prize, which has just ONE winner.

The hunters will have to do a second minihunt to be in the draw for this prize. It will be set up in a display, showing off all the great hunt gifts from all you vendors. In this display we have set up a small coffee house and decorated it with the hunt gifts. We will put small coffee cups all over the display area and the hunters have to collect them all.

When they are done, they send them to Whiz Wonder and will be in the draw.

To start off, PRIME will give a L$10.000 cash prize and a Diamond Edition PRIME bed worth L$ 6999.

We do not want you to donate anything even close to this and we do not want cash.
We simply ask you to donate one of your best items (can also be a fatpack, a selection of products or even a gift card). And YOU send your part of the prize to the winner. This way you can set permissions any way you want.

The Quest is very popular among the hunters and we can promise you that the donated items will get attention and so will your store. So please be generous.

So we ask you kindly to help us make this grand prize  worth hunting for.
Fill out a notecard with the form below, name it WCH Grand Prize Donation - Store name and send it to Whiz Wonder before October 20th.
That is when the quest starts.

Keep in mind that this should not be anything you make FOR the quest, but an item you already sell in your store. You can also use the vendor or marketplace texture for it.

If you have any questions, please IM (offline IMs go to email) or send a notecard to Whiz Wonder.


WCH Grand Prize Donation - Store name

Store number in the hunt: 

Store name:

Owner name:
(The creator of the donated item)

Name of item you want to donate: 

Short description of the item you want to donate:

The value of the item:
(The price you sell it for in your store)

Fullperm texture of the item:
(for blog and display)

Rename: WCH Grand Prize Donation - Store name and return to Whiz Wonder

Deadline: October 20th