November 25, 2011


While we are waiting for the Glam Hunt path to take shape, Whiz took a trip down memory lane and found all the signs, items and paths for the previous hunt.


It all started one year ago, when we set up the first WHIZ Hunt in December 2010.

The WHIZ - A Magical Hunt
The theme was Magic, focusing on the magic of christmas and the new year.
We had about 50 vendors and the hunt item was a wand.
Sadly some of the images/logos in this list are gone, but this is the list of vendors:


The next hunt took place in April-May 2011.
The WHIZ - A Magical Spring Hunt
The theme was Spring and the hunt item was a flower. Purple for the PG and Mature locations and red for the Adult location.
We had about 100 vendors in the hunt.
This is the hint list from the Spring hunt:


After a small delay the next hunt was ready to start in October 2011

The WHIZ - A Whizical Coffee Hunt
The theme was coffee, our favorite thing to drink. Since it was a short hunt (2 weeks) we only accepted 50 vendors. The hunt item was a cup.
Vendor list from the Coffee Hunt:

You can find more history about The WHIZ if you look back in this blog.
And we hope you will join us for the next hunt.. starting Jauary 5th 2012.
The theme is Glam and we are already got lots of vendor applications for it.

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