April 21, 2011

The Whiz Preview

Shape: *Diamond Avatar* Shape Lilli
Skin: *CLD* Gen 2 Skin sunkissed
Hair: ChiChickie! Meg - Mahogany 1L$ (not in hunt)
Necklace: +AB+ WhizFloral Necklace +
Dress: ::Temptation:: Sweater Dress Extreme

Pose: Purple Poses (not hunt gift)

The Whiz Preview

Everything exept the hair is fromThe Whiz Hunt

Shape: *Diamond Avatar* Shape Lilli
Skin: KRB Skins WSH Hunt Leslie
Hair: Not in hunt
Necklace: Tamiron Forge - F~The universe within
Overall: Chywe's Overall
Boots: Chywe's "Drillo" Boots
Straw, Hat and plowed field also from Chywe's

Pose: Purple Poses (not hunt gift)

Gift Preview

All items are found in The Whiz Hunt.

Shape: *Diamond Avatar* Shape Lilli
Skin: Style by Kira - 49Skin for Whiz Hunt
Hair: ChiChickie! WSH - Queen - Black
Necklace: Dragon Heart Necklace (F)
Dress: -HerBerry- Dorothy Dress
Pose: Purple Poses (not hunt gift)

April 17, 2011

Hunt gifts (Part 1)

AnnaBelle Fashion
Deep Blue Sea Designs



Needful Things

April 16, 2011

The Whiz Quest

The Quest and the Grand Prize is what makes The Whiz Hunt special.

This time the quest is set up on an area above The Whiz Headquarter and you will get a notecard in the last hunt item with all the instructions and landmarks you need.

The quest area is Whiz Wonders home, where she has collected most of the gifts from the hunt. You will also see a big board next to the entrance with 40 logos/signs. These are our Grand Prize vendors and they have all donated some of their best items to the Grand Prize.

All over the quest area you will find small, golden coins. The coins are not hidden, but rezzed close to the gifts and/or logos of the 40 Grand Prize vendors all over the garden and inside the house.
There are 40 coins and when you click them, you will get coins numbered 1-40. Collect all 40 of them, rez a prim and drag all the coins into the contents of the prim. Please double check that all the couns are in the prims inventory. Rename the prim "WGP - Your name" and send it to Whiz Wonder.

When you send the prim you will be told that you are sending no copy items and that you will lose it from inventory. That is correct, so just confirm that. You will not have a copy of the prim in your inventory anymore, but you will get a confirmation from Whiz Wonder when the box arrives (as soon as she is online).

There will be only ONE winner of the quest. The winner will get prizes from the 40 vendors worth 30.000L$ plus a cash prize of 10.000L$.

Stay in the group and you will get a notice when the draw is about to start. The draw will shortly be after the hunt is finished.

If you have any questions about the quest, please ask in The Whiz Hunts group or go to The Whiz Headquarters and look for the online signs one the wall. Whiz Wonder, Reven Rosca and Winona Wiefel will be happy to answer your questions.

Skin, skin, skin!

Whiz finally got some time to look through the hunt gifts.
CL Designs, Style By Kira and KRB Skins and Things all have some really nice skins in the hunt.

The hair in this picture is not from the hunt, but it is a freebie from ChiChickie!, who is one of the vendors in The Whiz. The red dress is the hunt gift from Asteria Creations and the shape Whiz is using is a hunt gift from Diamond Avatar.

April 15, 2011


This is the list of hints.
One gift is not out yet and we are still missing some hints.

Also note that we have an Adult path this time. Item #019 will give you two landmarks and you can either stay on the PG path or do the Adult path first. They both go on to #020, so you will not miss anything if you go the adult path.

The Adult locations will have numbers from #A01 to #A18 and red flowers as hunt items, while the PG locations have purple flowers.

Happy hunting :)


1    PRIME Furniture
(Start location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Roscana/166/123/25)
Looking at the stars (ground floor)

2     New York's Finest Apparel
This "WallFlower is Shy & Hides in a Corner" who sees everything, knows everything, but does not say a word

3     G-series*
Flowers! ❤

4    Grumble
Surf's Up
Rebuilding. Item can be found here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aomori/192/192/2

uuuuhhh...yummi!!!...an icecream tree!!!

6    Splash Out
You'll find me on the turtles top hat

7    Kucinta
The window frames a breathaking view. Let's go to the beach!

8    Style by Kira
No hint needed

9    Joyus Living
A lovely woman wearing a flower plays a romantic sonata

10    SJP Textures  
You shall find it by this store wizzard's Signature Frame.

New SIM is open: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Angels%20Base/132/98/25

12    Embyr's Inferno
Somewhere over the rainbow, you will find a flower growing where the seventh eye keeps a careful gaze upon the pot of gold.

13     TexWorks   
Three gilded saints watch over me.

14    **Ka'Z Fashion**
Important to protect your eyes Behind sunglasses :)

15    BelStar Build a Bear Boutique
Store has moved: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Roscana/127/102/25

16    ::Temptation::
No hint needed

17    Diamond Avatar
You have been looking high and low but this item can be found where the garden grows.

18    Deep Blue Sea designs at Tiggerworks
Spring comes early to the islands

19    Chywe's - The Whole Shebang
You're looking for a flower
and you want it to stay in power
So use me and you'll see
how beautiful a flower can be

ADULT PATH starts here. PG path continues after #A18

A1    Dust Bunnies
He loves me... he loves me not...This flower sure has been Plucked..

A2     +ezura +
Above the most dexterous newness

A3     LOoLOo's    
A man would be lucky to have me

A4    ]H[Nishi
Join the Group in the Dungeon!

A5    <GC> ХОРОШИЙ ОДЕЖДА (good clothing)
This Spaceport Pub is one hellava good place to hang out!

A6    Gaea Designs
This flower is planted in a MINIature garden

A7    Bound & Bitten
Give us a kiss

A8    ~XM~ Designs
Clinging to pantlegs.
The store has moved. 
New LM http://slurl.com/secondlife/Margaritaville/173/96/22

A9    Casa de Zen
I love Tropical in Chocolate especially before bedtime.

A10    Kabuki Creations
Look for it by the couple laying poses section (ground floor)

A11    Chicago Fashion
On this side she is available....and a girl named Rosie would certainly be a catch.

A12    Sweet Temptations Furniture
Many Things have been lost here

A13    Sexy swagger
Not quite stable

A14    Xclusives Animations
Sometimes when you are on a hunt, the stores will treat you like a VIP, but in other places finding your prize can be a CIRCUS ACT.

A15    EB Rooms Home Furnishings
Lay down and rest your weary Hunt bones
New location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Three%20Rivers/38/140/22

A16    Bluestar & Nevaeh Designs
The store has closed. Please move on to

A17    Kinx Konnection
No hint needed

A18    PRIME Furniture
One tree blooms in spring


20    Sweet Romance Furniture   
The view from the Gazebo out back is great.

Doors, doors everywhere, so many to open, which is the one …. Better try them all. (Door Hall Gallery - walk, fly, or use our TP service to go there. 
CAUTION please pay attention. Do NOT buy any products you do not intend to keep. The prize is for free; the other items are not and we have a firm no exchange no return policy - NEVER

22    Elemental Earth Designs
Paisley and Flowers just say "Spring"

23    Purple Poses
All I need is to lay my head on your chest and rest. (look up and see, Next the number of poseball 66)

24    Bella's Designs & BMP Photography
we all love purple its a sign of romance

25     Raven's Heart at Lucid Dreams
And flowers cascaded down the stairs in a river of colour

26    Green and Wild Garden Centre
Take a seat on the bench, you will find me very close !

27    Crazy Cakes Toybox
Tip toe through the tulips

28    HerBerry
Stop to smell the flowers in these showey tops.  

29    Men and Women Fashion
Go, always walk in the sun

30    Tiggerworks
"Doric? Ionic?
The vines dont seem to care,
they just climb and bloom."

31    Silenced
Alone in the back room
Store has moved: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ducknipple/200/47/25  

32    Aster's Builts
Is checking the box for Xstreet store

33    *Wicked Garden*
Follow the Path

34    [Electric]
No hint needed

35    Elegant Illuminations/Mesmerising Fountains  (Two items in this store)
1/2: Flowers flourish best with water and sunshine :) 
2/2: Flowers brighten up the heart! :)

36    AnnaBelle Fashion
The lil kittie is guarding the treasure while hiding for her big sister

37    The Elegant Goth
Off with your head!

38    **Asteria Creations**
39    JK Studio

40    Shanias Sock Shop
No hint needed

41    ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~
A view just like Romeo and Juliet's.

42    AngelCat*s Fantasy  sculpt shop
I am to be found among 3 friends

43    Where Worlds Collide
Under a lamp and in a drawer, it's easy, that's what hints are for

44    Blue Buddha Club Supplies
Bears love the smell of flowers.

45    Epic Toys
"Welcome or welcome again
This time no time so it wont be to much of a pain

Do remember how to get of the ground ??
The mushroom of red, over there turn around!!

Now on our adventure off we do go,
Now this way or that way ...
hmm i dont know...

No wait!! I remember it now,
when hiding I took a trip to OH WOW....

Now tell me... can you see a bridge?
Then over you go but watch out for the ridge!!

A sudden of ending thats not what it seems
You'll need a ticket to ride on the beam

 A golden one must be hanging around,
 I hung it here somewhere, now dont look down for all you will se ethere it grass and the ground.

There you got it, now click it and see
YOur off to wonderland wheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Well now that your here... look around for a bit, theres is so much to see..
Pehaps under a mushroom you will find what you need.

We hope you have enjoyed you journey and wish you well on the hunt..anything you need please contact me directly..

La toymaker
Mayah Parx

Wishing you a smile

46    The House of Byzanthine
Between lavender and chamomille you will find what you will

47    *~* TAMIRON FORGE*~*
MELITA holds the answer to your quest

48    *[MEBBERY]*
Behind a pillow

49    ChiChickie
"Flowers grow on plants."

50    !-[LoveFactory]-
Ask Genie for a hint

51    ~~Jules Creations~~
A special gift waiting for you in a purple flower

52    *wackadoo*
It's Pink and It Blinks

53    **Comfy within**
It's nice to spend a romantic evening in the garden in the arms of a loved

54    Delaney's Delirium
In the mouth of the dragon not fire but flowers spill forth
New location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sioux/22/197/21

55    Amulet   
No hint needed

56    Autumn Child     (Two items in this store)
1/2: Spring Brings Pretty Flowers
2/2:The treasure is rooted in the store.

57    Rita Munro - Touch it!
No hint needed

58    Benski's Builds
Alot of animals around, but one mystical creature stands tall.

59    Yellow Snow
No hint needed

60    Saabmarine
Shrimp is love.

61    Brass in Pocket
Stop and Stair for a while

62     Cosmic Steam Designs   
I think that mad scientist stole it 

63    VACKRA
This store is gone.
Please move on to this location:

64    Black Cat Bones

Follow the path

66    SB Wear
Just Believe

67    Dreamscapes Art Gallery
I´m a flower and birds are my friends!

68      Inspired
 Located in the box at the front of the store.

69    :::TOPAZIA:::
Follow the path

70    Tequila Rain
Are you serious?

71    KRB Skins and Things
A picture is better than a thousand words.....

72    Immagination
No hint needed

73    Xenian Furniture   
I am hidden pretty well, near to older fellows

74    PDN's Potpourri
During the month of April, you will find me in the company of a Ram & Bull.

75    Icarus Home and Media
Store closing. Move on to: http://slurl.com/secondlife//72/181/2476

76    ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
I am in this beatifull lady (pls check the first floor)

77    Fuzion Fashions
Find the Purple Swirl! and you will find me!! :

78    Sour Pickles  
How high can you jump?

79    Wings of Enchantment

80    Designer Prims
Sometimes there's gold at the end of a rainbow and something there's a gift where the light beam hits the ground :)

81    (In)Discretions
What a Kiss!

82    CL Designs
No hint needed

83    THE WHiz HQ
Not fair! The other ones are so big. Can you see me?

April 11, 2011

WSH - Timeline for vendors

Dear vendors: Make sure you all have your new signs (V3 with a flower on it) rezzed and that you have your hunt item either close to the sign or hidden (send the hint to Whiz Wonder if you hide it).
We are currently doing a walkthrough.

March 11th: Hunt sign and info V2 sent to all vendors.
March 13th: Walktrough to check landmarks and updated signs.
March 20th: Last chance to send us info about Grand Prizes.
April 1st: We will have the hunt path numbered and published.
April 5th: Hunt items with correct LMs sent out (rez them close to sign)
April 7th: Walkthrough to check that the path works (using the items by the signs)
April 11th: New items with corrected LMs sent out where needed. Hide them ASAP (They must be set for sale at this point) and send hints to Whiz Wonder.
April 13th: Final walkthrough to check hidden items
April 15th: Hunt starts

When doing the last walkthrough, we will pick up all gifts. If we find that they don't meet the requirements in the hunt item guidelines, you will be given the chance to correct the errors within 24 hours. If you are unable to correct them, you will be removed from the hunt, and you place will be given to a vendor from the waiting list.