April 16, 2011

The Whiz Quest

The Quest and the Grand Prize is what makes The Whiz Hunt special.

This time the quest is set up on an area above The Whiz Headquarter and you will get a notecard in the last hunt item with all the instructions and landmarks you need.

The quest area is Whiz Wonders home, where she has collected most of the gifts from the hunt. You will also see a big board next to the entrance with 40 logos/signs. These are our Grand Prize vendors and they have all donated some of their best items to the Grand Prize.

All over the quest area you will find small, golden coins. The coins are not hidden, but rezzed close to the gifts and/or logos of the 40 Grand Prize vendors all over the garden and inside the house.
There are 40 coins and when you click them, you will get coins numbered 1-40. Collect all 40 of them, rez a prim and drag all the coins into the contents of the prim. Please double check that all the couns are in the prims inventory. Rename the prim "WGP - Your name" and send it to Whiz Wonder.

When you send the prim you will be told that you are sending no copy items and that you will lose it from inventory. That is correct, so just confirm that. You will not have a copy of the prim in your inventory anymore, but you will get a confirmation from Whiz Wonder when the box arrives (as soon as she is online).

There will be only ONE winner of the quest. The winner will get prizes from the 40 vendors worth 30.000L$ plus a cash prize of 10.000L$.

Stay in the group and you will get a notice when the draw is about to start. The draw will shortly be after the hunt is finished.

If you have any questions about the quest, please ask in The Whiz Hunts group or go to The Whiz Headquarters and look for the online signs one the wall. Whiz Wonder, Reven Rosca and Winona Wiefel will be happy to answer your questions.


  1. OMG!! SO EXCTIED!! At #48 now! ^.^ This hunt has been AWESOME!

  2. Glad you like it Xuxa :) Remember to do the quest when you are done.