April 11, 2011

WSH - Timeline for vendors

Dear vendors: Make sure you all have your new signs (V3 with a flower on it) rezzed and that you have your hunt item either close to the sign or hidden (send the hint to Whiz Wonder if you hide it).
We are currently doing a walkthrough.

March 11th: Hunt sign and info V2 sent to all vendors.
March 13th: Walktrough to check landmarks and updated signs.
March 20th: Last chance to send us info about Grand Prizes.
April 1st: We will have the hunt path numbered and published.
April 5th: Hunt items with correct LMs sent out (rez them close to sign)
April 7th: Walkthrough to check that the path works (using the items by the signs)
April 11th: New items with corrected LMs sent out where needed. Hide them ASAP (They must be set for sale at this point) and send hints to Whiz Wonder.
April 13th: Final walkthrough to check hidden items
April 15th: Hunt starts

When doing the last walkthrough, we will pick up all gifts. If we find that they don't meet the requirements in the hunt item guidelines, you will be given the chance to correct the errors within 24 hours. If you are unable to correct them, you will be removed from the hunt, and you place will be given to a vendor from the waiting list.

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