October 17, 2011

The Whiz Quest - Attention vendors!

First of all. We are not asking you to donate money or sponsor anything. But we do ask you to help us by offering ONE of your greatest products as part of the grand prize, which has just ONE winner.

The hunters will have to do a second minihunt to be in the draw for this prize. It will be set up in a display, showing off all the great hunt gifts from all you vendors. In this display we have set up a small coffee house and decorated it with the hunt gifts. We will put small coffee cups all over the display area and the hunters have to collect them all.

When they are done, they send them to Whiz Wonder and will be in the draw.

To start off, PRIME will give a L$10.000 cash prize and a Diamond Edition PRIME bed worth L$ 6999.

We do not want you to donate anything even close to this and we do not want cash.
We simply ask you to donate one of your best items (can also be a fatpack, a selection of products or even a gift card). And YOU send your part of the prize to the winner. This way you can set permissions any way you want.

The Quest is very popular among the hunters and we can promise you that the donated items will get attention and so will your store. So please be generous.

So we ask you kindly to help us make this grand prize  worth hunting for.
Fill out a notecard with the form below, name it WCH Grand Prize Donation - Store name and send it to Whiz Wonder before October 20th.
That is when the quest starts.

Keep in mind that this should not be anything you make FOR the quest, but an item you already sell in your store. You can also use the vendor or marketplace texture for it.

If you have any questions, please IM (offline IMs go to email) or send a notecard to Whiz Wonder.


WCH Grand Prize Donation - Store name

Store number in the hunt: 

Store name:

Owner name:
(The creator of the donated item)

Name of item you want to donate: 

Short description of the item you want to donate:

The value of the item:
(The price you sell it for in your store)

Fullperm texture of the item:
(for blog and display)

Rename: WCH Grand Prize Donation - Store name and return to Whiz Wonder

Deadline: October 20th

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