October 17, 2011

Hints and notices

The Whiz - A Whizical Coffee Hunt is over

1    PRIME (Start Location)    
Right in front of you

2    *Boof.     

"Time for the big show"

3    Sucreries de Fairy    
 What's more magical than floating

4     Dreamscapes Art Gallery    
Please click the Hint Giver Easel by the sign

5    **Comfy Within**    
Hint: Look at the very top room =)

6    RT Designs    
Please check the hint giver at the landing point

7    :**Asteria Creations**    
Witches kidnapped his daughter....!! please help that girl:(

8    Chywe's - The Whole Shebang    
Use hint giver in store

9    Baby Monkey    
Ultimately you should stay warm with Baby Monkey

10    ♡Aphrodite♡ Megastore & Coffeehouse     
Hot drinks in the house

11    Be Happy!    
Shake , shake ...move your belly for a sexy dance

12    [Electric]    
I make some fine decor for this pumpkin

13    PDN'S Potpourri    
I would love to have a seat on one of the sofa's near the coffee sign.

14    Kucinta    
Sit and have a doughnut. Don't mind the fly.

15    Designer Prims    
I'm a kiwi girl and very patriotic, losing at rugby makes us neurotic, look around you'll see our flag,  it waves like a black and white tag, look up :)


17    Park Place Home Decor    
Walk inside, look toward the back.  Find an empty table and have some coffee!

18    (In)Discretions     
Have a little cake with your coffee!

19    Twice Baked    
No hint needed

20     >>NEEDFUL THINGS<<    
The white rabbit loves coffee <3

21     Joyus Living    
This shouldn't be left on a shelf!

22    PURPLE POSES     
I need a newspaper

23    Sweet Sin    
(Store has moved:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viale%20Vibrante/142/99/997 )

24    Kabuki Creations    
Hint Giver

25    Sour Pickles 
"Look likely or you might fall out of the tree!"

26    Casa de Zen
Past the peaceful chimes to the wails and screams... a woman in white circles not far from your prize.  The secrets this holds might also hold what you seek.

27    Axo's    
To have a coffee, you need a cup!

28    Warehouse 13    
"coffee so good, it's electrifying"

29    Textures by Dax    
Hint giver in store / You will find me near a keyhole...................

30    Rozamyndi's    
I keep it with my own kind

31    Hearth & Home's Gypsy Wares     
I wonder what the future holds?

32    House of Byzanthine    
Every  lady working on her embroidery needs a coffe break

33    S&S Clockworks    
"Its the great _ Charlie Brown"

34    Madville Textures    
I'm well guarded!

35     USC Textures    
Hint Giver in store

36    Tree House Treasures    
Coffee is best shared

37    Graffitiwear    
Watch your step.

38    GUHL ArchitectureDesign    

39    Xclusives Animations 
Here comes another morning,
It always arrives without warning.
I need some coffee before I go anywhere.
I think I'll have it in my HAND CHAIR.

40     TS Studios    
Careful... it may be grinning back at you!

41    Evolving Pixels    
Coffee, tea or...uhm,... well coffee.

42    Piddler's Perch    
To get this prize you'll have to look around the dirty cart.

43    Grumble    
Warm up with coffee by the fire 
The store has moved on the sim, but the LM and hint are the same as before

44    K-CODE     
Be chic in the city!

45    {NS} Nadeau Shoppe   
Victor liked listening to music with Phil while sipping their coffee.

46    Treasures of the Thassa/Shameless Bits    

47    [Moxie]    
The hint giver's behind the dinosaur's butt!

(48, 49 and 50 are all on the same location and you will land on the same spot) 

48    Silmae's Essentials    
Even a woman with red roses enjoys a cup of coffee now and then 

49    Destiny's Designs   
You'll find a cup of brew by the lady in the Stardust Blue

50    Suki's Silken Fashions  
This cup gets a seal of approval

51    Ziva's Underground Footware    
 A Cup in a red shoe,...can this be true? 

52    DQ Skins    


53    Elegant Creations  

54    Love Culture    
Enjoying my coffee as I stare at the window.

55    Amulet    
Wake up and drink your coffee, then a bird bath for you, wild one!

56    Lyrieal's 
Even witches need a cuppa

57    Dolome Designs
Coffee Tea or ME!

58    Xenian Furniture    
Are you sure you need it right after you open your eyes?

59     JayDen Designs    
 You will find me where we like to dine. Hidden in the room where family gather.

60    PRIME (Last location)    
Click the doorman in the entrance for hints


  1. The prizes look great but many of the stores don't show up in search. Can't visit with out a LM. Real pity.

  2. The whole point of hunting is to find the itmes and follow the path. (Sorry for the laste reply) :)