January 15, 2011

The Whiz Quest Reminder!

Remember to do the quest for the Whiz Grand Prize! One winner will be rewarded with gifts and cash worth over 60.000 L$.  More than fifty thousand Linden Dollars worth of gifts and 11 thousand L$ in cash can be yours and yours alone.

To enter the quest, you must

1. Answer all questions in the quest notecard correctly.
The answers can be found in the hunt gifts, our blog, in the participating stores and/or the creators'    profiles.

2. Subscribe  and stay subscribed to The Whiz list until the winner is declared in February 2010.   The subscriber is placed here 

3. Rename this notecard with your name like this: THE WHIZ QUEST <Your name here>
Only correct notecards with names that are found in the Whiz list will be entered in the draw.

4. Drop the renamed notecard (remember to save it first!!!) in Whiz Wonder's mailbox in the HQ

If you haven't registered for the Grand Prize quest yet, you can pick up a notecard by clicking the Whiz list poster in our HQ and display room in Roscana: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Roscana/39/197/21

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