April 05, 2012

The Whiz Naughty Bunny Quest has started!

1. Go to the starting point for the Whiz Naughty Bunny Quest

2. The naughty bunny has hidden eggs all over the region PRIME II - Adult (except on the empty parcel).  Look in the display corridor, the Paraiso beach, La Cantina, in the garden and in the adult store.
Some eggs are easy to find, others not, but they are all visible.

3. Find all 40 eggs. They have different colors, and can be found both indoors and outdoors. Click them to buy.

4. When you have all 40 eggs (named from WNBQ 01 all the way up to WNBQ 40):
- Make a prim
- Rename the prim "WNBQ - Your name" (Do not use display names)
- Pull all the 40 items from your inventory and into the contents of the prim.
- It is a good idea to drag only a few eggs at a time into the prim, especially if SL is laggy.
- Make sure you have all 40
- Send the prim to Whiz Wonder before April 22nd 201

Please note:
The eggs are no copy.
This means that you will get a warning when putting them into your prim and when you are sending the prim.
They will be gone from your inventory when you have sent them off.

You MUST make the prim you fill the eggs into yourself
If the creator name doesn't match "WNBQ - Your name", the entry will be discarded.

Please check carefully that you have all the eggs.
Incomplete entries will be discarded.

Only those with complete and correct entries will receive confirmation and be entered into the draw for the Grand Prize.

You can only enter once.

You have to be a member of the group "The Whiz Hunts" to enter


Your entry will be discarded if we can't find you in the group, or our transaction history shows that you didn't buy all eggs yourself.
The winner must also be a member of the group when the grand prize is drawn.

The grand prize donors will send their gifts directly to the winner after the draw.

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