January 09, 2012

The Whiz Glam Quest

The Whiz Glam Quest is a popular and unique part of The Whiz.
The Quest is now set up and all hunters are invited to find 50 gems hidden in a room under water, between all the fantastic hunt gifts.

The total value of the Grand Prize is about L$35.000. Included the L$10.000 cash prize.
You can see all the gifts here: Grand Prize Donations


Click read more for FAQ:

Q:Are all the gems in the quest room? Are you sure they are all there?
A: Yes. And we already got complete sets and we have double checked them. So we are sure they are all there.

Q: Where is the example display?
A: The display is close to the middle of the room.

Q: How do I know my box will get there?
A: Whiz gets an email every time something is sent to her when offline. When she logs she will double check if the item is in inventory too.

Q: What happenes when Whiz gets the box?
A: The boxes are checked when they come in. And the names of the ones who sent complete sets will be written down outside SL to me sure.

Q: Will I get a confirmation of some kind?
A: Yes! We will make confirmations and send to the ones with complete sets. But please allow at least 24 hours. We will make these in bulks.

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