January 31, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Hints and gifts)

Home Is Where The Heart Is Hunt is over

Stay tuned for the Grand Prize Draw

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The Prim Perfect Headquarter:

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1. Prim Perfect Headquarter (Start location)
Hint: Drink me under the table

Hint: You'll find it on the path to the Heart-themed cottage

3. Ambiance Interactive Furnishings   

4. Kismet   
Hint: A home to the west is where your heart awaits.

Hint: They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky.....
Click the doorman for a hint

7. Castle Q
Hint: Classic prize can be found where its not too big or not too small

8. EBDesign - The little Shop
Hint: Can you smell it?

9. The Strawberry Box 
Hint giver in store

 10. Melu Deco
Hint You, my queen, are fairest of all!

11. L'aize Dayz   

Hint: keep toasty and warm by the fire

12. Tricia Aferdita Gallery
Hint: You might want to bring a towel

13. AZ Emporium
Hint: A garden is the perfect place to sit with those you love

14. Michigans Shack
Hint: Use the in store hint giver, its big, red, and flashes,
right next to the landing point, you cant miss it!

Hint: The kitchen is the heart of every home.  Let it light up your life too!
16. Dutchie 
No hint needed

17. Galland Homes 
Hint: Sink in and relax in the Palms
18. LOTTIE Garden & Home  
Hint: Have coffee in a secret place west of where you start.  

19. Grendel's Children
2 locations 19a will lead to 19b

No hint needed

20.C&D Designs - Styled Living    

21. Capalini Fine FurnishingsNo hint needed

22. Cafe Curiousity 
Hint: You really don't want to cook soup in this pot!
23. Maven Home
Hint: What goes up must come down. Even in small spaces.

24. Cheeky Pea 

25. Park Place Home Decor   
Hint: Come inside and look around ...... and find your prize under a tree!

26. Second Spaces  
Hint: Living the bohemian lifestyle
27. Angie's Home Interiors
Hint Sometimes kitties hide here.

28. FIN *Relive the fifties* 
Hint: The hunt gift is on display  

29. Exquisite Eye Decorations
Hint: Find the Memories Chest !

30. Terra Incognita [L] unknown land
Hint: Lemon tree very pretty

31. Bearsfoot Beaches
Hint: Hint giver on location

32. Gallery Barzane
Hint: No hint needed
33. Wings of Enchantment
Hint giver in store
34. Bumbershoot 
Hint: What's a home without a pet or two?
 35. εïз Butterflies™ εïз
Hint: Mind your step...

36. The BoatHouse
Hint: Yummy
37. [][] beach street [][] home and garden
38. Weekend Salvage   
Home is where the heart is, and the heart of every home is in the...
39. Piddler's Perch
Hint: You'll have to travel up and then out to find this prize

40. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the Hunt Sign

41. Storaxtree
Hint: OMG! A plant in the toilet! That's it!
42. Pinkie's Place Pleasantville Valentine's ShopHint:I love to window shop!   

43. The Whiz HQ
Hint: Look up, look up past the golden sign

44. Treasures of the Thassa/Shameless Bits
Hint: 2nd Floor - In Candlelit Comfort is always where my heart is.

45. Aphrodite Megastore Hint giver in store

46. Designer Prims
Hint: Where the light hits the ground there is treasure to be found

47. The  House of Byzanthine
Hint: Look through the smoke of 2 opium pipes and you will hear foreign music

48. Designing Worlds Studio
Hint: A narrow hall leads to the studio.. I am hiding up in a corner

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