September 15, 2011

The WHIZ - A Whizical Coffee Hunt

We are finally ready for the next WHIZ hunt (sorry about the delay).

The next hunt will be coffee themed and run from October 15th to October 31st.

Deadline for applications is: October 1st 2011


How to apply:
Make a new notecard
Rename it "WCH Application - Store Name" (Without the "s)
Copy the following into the notecard and fill out the blanks:

Store Name:

Owner name:

2nd Contact (if you have one):

Logo (Drag a full perm logo texture into the notecard):


Landmark (drag a Landmark into the notecard):

SIM rating (PG/Mature/Adult):

What do you sell:


Save the notecard and send it to Whiz Wonder (whiz.wonder) inworld

Accepted vendors will be get a notecard and a sign.
Please put the sign up in your store as soon as you can.

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