May 21, 2011

Whizical hangover and new hunt

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Grand Prize Draw yesterday.

The last part of The Whiz is over.. for now.. but we will be back in August with another hunt. We are still working on the details and will keep you informed. Stay subscribed or in The Whiz Hunts Group (we do not spam you with advertising, only info about the hunt(s) will be sent).

This is what we know so far about the next Whiz Hunt:

Time: August 15th 2011    October 15th -31st 2011

We have a lazy summer delay...and will come back with more info.
Theme: Coffee (Anything coffee related or coffee coloured)
Vendors: Max 100
Duration: 2 weeks 

How to apply:
Make a new notecard
Rename it "WCH Application - Store Name" (Without the "s)
Copy the following into the notecard and fill out the blanks:


Store Name:

Owner name:

2nd Contact (if you have one):

Logo (Drag a full perm logo texture into the notecard):


Landmark (drag a Landmark into the notecard):

SIM rating (PG/Mature/Adult):

What do you sell:


Save the notecard and send it to Whiz Wonder.

We will send out signs and more information to the ones who are accepted as vendors as soon as we have the details set. We will only accept serious vendors with quality products in this hunt. Please understand that we can not accept all the vendors who applies, but we will have a waiting list. If an accepted vendor drops out we will use the vendors on our waiting list to fill in, either before or after the hunt starts.

We will have a Grand Prize/Quest this time too, more information about this will be available later.

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