May 15, 2012

It's Fun To Be 5 Hints

Look for me!

These are the hints. All gifts are out and working. 
The preview pictures are in the next blogpost (random order).

1    Prim Perfect Headquarters
Hint: There's danger lurking in the garden - dare you risk it to grab the prize?
Note: There are several golden cupcakes at this location. Look for one with the red 5.

2    Rag Dollz   
Hint: Relax, have a cigar and enjoy the day!

3    Kismet   
Hint: 'Tis a beautiful day in Kismet to ride the swans! Find your gift before they do, because these three love to eat cake!!

4    L'aize Dayz   
Hint: A cupcake by the sweet suite

5    Motor Loon Custom Cycles  
Hint: When you gotta go - you gotta go! But don't pee on my workshop floor, I have a restroom... wonder if I forgot the gift in there?

6    LUXus   
Hint: Look where the plates are!

7    Alchemy Immortalis   
Hint: Come in, grab a seat and have a spot of tea in our garden of jewels, or, if you're famished, a bite to eat where we serve the treats!

8    BagLady Design   
Hint: Looks Like Rain

9    The Crossing  
Hint: Somewhere you might dream

10    Roawenwood   
Hint: Hint Giver in store

11    Regent Estates Home Office   
Hint: "Lady Liberty like cupcakes too."

Hint: Would you care to eat in the dining room?

13    Park Place Home Decor   
Hint: Time to replace that old white porch furniture with this new set!!

14    Castle Q Castles 
The spiral steps of the tallest tower

15    AZ Emporium   
Hint: Coffee and cake the perfect combination

16    The Strawberry Box 
Hint: Use store hint giver

17    PRIME   
Hint: Sitting on the table, waiting for the party to begin

18    Cafe Curiosity   
Hint: Furniture for those who only get halfway round to things.

19    UrbanizeD   
Hint: Neon me, neon you, im sitting in the mono lights district !

20    Aphrodite Shop   
Hint: Surely those crazy Mexicans stole the cake!

21    Designer Prims   
Hint: Little light bulbs hang in trees, not far from where you landed.

22    Miscellany
Hint: It's not easy being green.

23    Jellybeans Toys 'n Stuff  
Hint: Birthdays are always sweet especially when there is chocolate.

24    DW Studio   
Hint: It's tea time!

25    Mindgardens Creations   
Hint: Travel below to where the stars shine brightly and sit quietly upon the horn flowers.... Look around a bit... and soon you will spot your tasty treat!

26    hypnotizing creations   
Hint: What a nice day to catch a butterfly

27    PDN's Potpourri 
Hint: This pond is perfect for the garden

28    ::WetCat::   
Hint: Come Take A Seat

29    Shadow Moon    
Hint: Too much partying will land you here.

30    MiChiGaNs ShAcK   
Hint: Click the big red flashing hunt hint board to the right of the entrance when you land

Hint: Go to the center of the shop and stand under the chandelier.  Now turn left to face Aphrodite and look far above her head.

32    Debutante   
Store has moved. Please use this slurl if you have an old landmark
Hint: You bring out the devil in me

33    Dreamscapes Art Gallery 
Hint: Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the Hunt Sign
34    Always Eclectic   
Hint: Garden parties have a lot of things in common:
food, people, fun and flowers.
You'll only find the last here - and that's where your hunt gift is planted.

35    United InshCon    
Hint: search the sheeps

36    Les sucreries de Fairy 
Hint: I love tip jars and greeter

37    NUTS Inc   
Hint: I hope the cake won't become greasy!

38    Cilian'gel   
Hint: Hot! Hot! Hot!

39    Lok's Low Prim Furniture   
Hint: Sometimes there is nothing better than a book on a Lazy Sunday.

40    - TDT -
Hint: Did someone say Party? (On the birthday party textures ad)

41    Piddler's Perch   
Hint: it's a lovely day to party out on the deck with the butterflies

42    Elefantu   
Hint: the sweet cafe where you can watch elephants play.

43    Oh Shoot!   
Hint: "How much flour did you waste to make that..?"

44    Lyrieal's   
Hint: Wonder if she's a flower fairy

45    Grumble   
Hint: There is a birthday party in the kids store!

46    Storaxtree   
Hint: I love to cook!

47    *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*   
Hint: See hint giver at the sign
NOTE: Store has moved, and old landmark will not work after the 14th.  #46 has an updated landmark

48    Phoebe ~ Piercings & more ~   
Hint: See hint giver at the mainstore entrance 
NOTE: Store has moved.  #47 has an updated landmark

49    Aster's Builts   
Hint: Is where the Books are Kept

50    Abadutiker   
Hint: I like guests to see the cake while enjoying the meal

51    Rowena Paine's Junque   
Hint: I am lost in makeups

Hint: Don't burn yourself while roasting marshmallows.

53    ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;  
Hint: I am lost in makeups!!

54    Ruth's Creations   
Hint: Spring time! Time to get the seeds and greenhouse ready.

55     {NS} Nadeau Shoppe 
Hint: Before you eat this cupcake, you should wash your face and hands.
56     Styles by Danielle   
Hint: It's where the cherry blooms.

57    L.Bean's
Hint: Do tinies like cupcakes?

58    [dirty.little.secret]   
Hint: I'm lounging on poppies

59    Void   
Hint: Follow the skateboards!

60    ::PiCHi::   
Hint: My Earrings are not so far!
Temporarily closed for remodeling. Please move on to

61   Store closed. Please move on to

62    AlaFolie   
Hint: it is not on the highest peak but it is protected

63    :: PaPiLLoN Design ::.   
Hint: Thanks in advance for your Tip ;)

64    Tether's End   
Hint: I'm so pretty I was mistaken for a flower! Hurry hurry I am melting in here!

65    :BelStar Enterprises   
Hint: Spring and SUmmer always so fun. Lay around and eat in the warm sun.

66    Bumbershoot   
Hint: The view is  terrific from up here...

67    Zwicked Textures   
Hint: Leather or not you look for it you'll find it here!

68    SR Leatherwerkx   
Hint: Hint giver located at sign

Number 69 is moving. Please find the item on the new location:

69    *~ by Nacht   
Hint: Lovely view of the garden from up here...

70    SFW Industries   
Hint: Hang around to catch a great view of the backyard.

71    Star*Crossed Weddings™   
Hint:  Look up high for this birthday wish!

72    Sweet Bites   
Hint: Check the hint giver for hint

73    Felwitch Photos   
Hint: This little cake thinks its Harry Potter

74    Fantasmagoria Event Planners   
Hint: This lil cupcake likes a good party!
The LM leads you to the ground, and you need to TP to Rez Zone 2 to find the cupcake.

75    Love My Textures Main Store   
Hint: This garden was grown with love...and glass!

76    Nexgen Aviation   
Hint: A place to honor WW2 Veterans

77    cYo (Create Your Own)   
Hint: I save my cupcake for lunch.

78    SHEY   

79    Splash Out   
Hint: Maybe you need to ask Miss Splishy Splashy

80    Little House of Curios   
Hint: Awwww, look at the pretty flowers!

81    Kabuki Creations   
Hint: "Side by Side" ...i will sit with you (Lower ground, sitting poses sections)

82    House of Byzanthine   
Hint: Even the "Merry Widow" loved a sweet muffin--look for some old gramophone

83    h.o.e. inc. [houseofenvydesigns]   
Hint: This space is making me feel squished!

84    Graffitiwear   
Hint:  A little birdie told me.

85    Dropped out. Please move on to

86    The Whiz HQ   
Hint: Cupcupcakecake

87     Rockoil (Adult)   
Hint:  Burlesque


88    bacidalucia Chicago (Adult)   
Hint: Open the door and find me

89     BC & Company (Adult)
Hint Look to the sparkley trees in the store.

90    La Cantina   
Hint: Look! It blooms.. but be careful so don't you touch it.

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