February 23, 2012

Next Hunt: The Naughty Bunny Hunt

The next Whiz hunt is adult rated and is called Naughty Bunny Hunt.
If you are a vendor please copy the following into a notecard and rename it:
WNBH - Store name - Your name
Return it to Whiz Wonder
(Deadline March 10th or when we have 50 adult rated stores)

Store name:

Store Owner (No display names):

Second contact:



SIM Rating (mature/adult):

What kind of items do you sell?

Time: April 1st-15th 2012
Theme: Easter/Spring/Bunny (it has to be an adult item)
Start location: The Whiz Headquarter
Max 50 stores

We want vendors selling adult rated items.
Like always we will have a quest and a grand prize for one lucky winner.
The hunt items must be filled and ready 24 hours before the hunt starts.
We do not accept any scripts in the hunt items, they will all sell content for 0L$ by default.

Please understand that stores selling adult rated items will be our first priority in this hunt.
Stores selling kids items etc. will not be accepted.

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