February 26, 2011

The Whiz Quest - Correct answers

  1. Acheta Ansar gave you a pair of boots. Name her store, please? Yes Oui Si 
  2. Which store gave you something to organize your gifts in? ArtiZan Creative Solution 
  3. This creator has donated not one, but TWO fatpacks to the Grand Prize winner. Paste the SLURL here: Kira Paderborn (Style by Kira) 
  4.  ~Simply~ has checkered floor. Which colours? The floor is blue and black.. Teal, turquise and purple was also accepted
  5. "Explosive fruit" sells tattoos. Are they upstairs or downstairs? The tattoos in Cherry Fruit are downstairs
  6. "Double consonant, beautiful images. Drop the landmark to this place here LM to KK Custom Photography 
  7. At [Insatiable Fashions], there is an old tree inside the door. How many white birds are sitting in it? 4(four)
  8. What is the name of Chywe DeVinna's shop? Chywe's The Whole Shebang
  9. Two snowmen are sitting by the fireplace in the South Sea Isle region. Name the store, please? Sweet Romance Furniture
  10. The shop's name suggests "No way! And I won't change my mind!!" What was their hunt gift? Never Ever Gift: Unisex sweater/vests
  11. One hunt object was sta(i)ring at you. What is the name of the store? Joyus Living
  12. Mandi gave you ornament textures. What is the name of the SIM where her store is? (Look on the top of your viewer to see the SIM name) Renegades
  13. If you were not late, then they would say this about you. That is the Store's name. Hint: JITNOT Just in the nick of time
  14. She gave you an outfit called Sarah. What is her store called? AnnaBelle Fashion
  15. Purple above, and purple below in the neverending story. What is the store called? AngelCat's Fantasy (The parcel name is "The Neverending Story) The Epic Toy Factory was also accepted.
  16. "The gift from this store was a skin like peach. What does the first two letters in this stores name refer to?" Candice Leval (the store owners name)
  17. Someone gave you a kiss. You should remember his name. Naku Nishi / Kabuki Creations
  18. They make cakes for special occasions, and houses too.What is the name of this store? Aster's Builts
  19. Follow this url https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/56132 to the store that gave you magic necklaces for both genders. What is the creator called? Harkon Benoir (Tess Compton is fine too, even if she isn't the creator. She owns many of the items in their store, and if she is named, the hunters have been there)
  20. This brand has two stops. One in the middle and one at the end. PRIME
  21. You can make Santa socks, bows and snowflakes with this gift. Which store gave you the tools? Secret Textures
  22. Take this SLURL. What is the name of the store owner? Suzi Alcott
  23. The creator's name is pitsch Parx. Paste the SLURL to his mainstore here. SLURL to UrbanizeD
  24. Which store is named after a city in America? Chicago Fashion
  25. Where did we have to look for something sizzling pink? (Store name) Pretty Lady

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