December 21, 2010

Featured: Style by Kira

Style by Kira is one of the first stores in The Whiz.

The hunt item is very easy to find, but take a look around anyway.
You will find more hunt items, discounted skins, plenty of lucky boards (even for men) and some discounted goodies. The big picture is the gift for The Whiz. The 3 others are from the right:
  1. Willow skin free in one of the lucky boards.
  2. Lilia Skin 25L$ 
  3. Light Bumblebee 25L$
Whiz also found some other great items...

The cute red dress was a free gift under the christmas tree and the Latex dress was found on the same place for 44L$.

And guess what....

Underwear for men! That is not something you will find on every corner. At least not this good.

Since this hunt gift is easy to find... spend some time looking around in this store. Or save the landmark and go back when you are able to catch your breath..

Kira has donated a great gift for the Grand Prize: A fatpack of skins for the winner AND a friend.

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