March 19, 2009

The Whiz Naughty Bunny Vendor Instructions

Dear Vendor,

Welcome to The Whiz Naughty Bunny Hunt.
We remind you that this is an ADULT hunt. The hunters expect an ADULT hunt gift.
So your gift has to be sexy/sensual/sex themed.

We ask you kindly to do the following 3 things as soon as you get the vendor box:
  1.  If you already have a sign, take it down.
  2.  Rez the sign in the box (called V2).
  3. Your hunt item should be dropped in your profile at the same time as this box.
    Please rez it on/next to your sign and LEAVE IT AS IT IS.

The hunt item is already set up to sell content for 0L$ on click.
Do not change these settings on the example by the sign OR the hunt item you will hide.

To avoid a late start and grumpy hunters, we ask you to be 100% ready 24 HOURS before the hunt starts. That means that your hunt item should be filled and hidden 1 day early, so we can check them all and make sure the path is not broken when the hunt starts.

Vendors with large stores, who have shared landing points or whole regions will be asked to use a track to lead the hunters in the right direction.
The tracks and a hint giver will be sent out a few days before the hunt starts with a reminder to send us your hint for the blog.

Do not be afraid to contact us at any time if you have questions about the hunt.
We do prefer IMs sent to Whiz Wonder, since offline IMs will go to email.
If you have an urgent request, please contact Winona Wiefel or Reven Rosca.
Online signs can be found in The Whiz Headquarter.

We do not force you to join the group, but please feel free to do so:
The Whiz Hunts (IM Whiz Wonder for Vendor title)

You can also add Whiz Wonder to your friends list to reach her when she is online.
(She will not be upset if you delete her again later)

If you have to move before or during the hunt, please make a new, correct landmark and rename it:
"WNBH #00 Store name (New LM)"
and send it to Whiz Wonder as soon as possible.

We will try to make the information short and simple and we will contact vendors with issues directly when that is possible.

The Whiz Team
Whiz Wonder
Reven Rosca and Winona Wiefel

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